Come check out these newest adult books!

    The Kingdom by Jo Nesbo

     A Dog's Perfect Christmas by Bruce Cameron

     The Lion's Den by Barbara Tahlor Bradford

     Whispering Hearts by V.C. Andrews

     Live in Love by Lauren Akins

     Marauder by Clive Cussler

     Serpent by Clive Cussler

     The Death of Vivek Oi by Akwaeke Emezi

     The Noel Letters by Richard Payl Evans

     ....and many more!

               Lexington Public Library District Elections

         Openings for Lexington Library Trustees will be filled in the 2021 Con-

     solidated election.  These will include four and six year terms.  Applicants

     must have been in residence in the Lixington Library DIstrict for a minimum

     of one year.  Applicant petitions must contain 19 signatures (2% of the votes 

     cast in the previous election).  Packets will also include a Statement of Candi-

     dacy, a Loyalty Oath and Proof of a filed Statement of Economic Interests.

          Election application packets are available at the Main Floor Circulation Desk.  
     Packets must be notarized and filed with the Library Election Official, Mrs. Doris

     Siron, December 14-21, 2020 at Lexington Public Library.  


                                        Attention 4th, 5th and 6th grade girls!

Have you ever wanted to speak up in class, try a new sport, or talk to a grumpy teacher but were

too shy or scared to do it?  This book can help you!

The Confidence Code for Girls was written by two successful women (who also happen to be mothers

of girls).  Authors Katty Kay and Clair Shipman collected the research that went into this book while writing

their first book, The Confidence Code.   They found that somewhere between the ages of eight and thirteenm

girls lose on average 30% of the confidence they had going into that period of their lives.

This book may be an easy read, but it isn't boring or dull.  It has stories from real girls, presented as short

stories, graphic novel strips, fun lists and quizzes with examples of real life problems and effective strategies

for dealing with them.  It offers girls ways to develop the skills and tools they will need to help achieve their goals;

help them learn to be more assertive and more confident.

We'll review the text during our club meetings and discuss how it applies to real life.  Occasionalyy

there will be guest speakers who will tell us about their own struggles and how they found the confidence

to overcome them.

The library will provide a copy of The Confidence Code for Girls for each girls in this book club, but we are

limited to only 10 members.  Interested girls need to sign up soon.

Our meetings will be held at the library on Tuesdays at 2:30pm, beginning October 6th.  Face masks and

social distancing will be expected.  Call 365-7801 to register.  

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PHONE: 309-365-7801