Let's Read!

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Let's Read!

Welcome to the Lexington Public Library portal for a community celebration of reading and learning.

Explore and Discover our world through sources both familiar and new.

SUMMER  READING               2022

        ---FOR ALL AGES---

      Ends July 15th!



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---- A Message ----

It is a God given gift to have the opportunity to touch lives and to effect changes. Unfortunately, such grace is too often squandered; but, once in a while, an individual appears who embraces the gift, and in so doing, brings out the best in those of us who have the privilege to know him

A lifelong devotee of the Lexington Public Library District (of The Smith Library), it was Mr. John Cheever's wish that future Lexingtonians should be encouraged to learn the love of reading and experience our historic library (as he and his family have done for generations).

With deepest gratitude, the Lexington Public Library District wishes to announce a new outreach program welcoming Lexington newborns, new Lexington homeowners/residents, and loyal patrons of all ages, as we begin: 

                 "Let's Read," a community celebration of reading and sharing.