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About Us

About Us

The Smith Library:
              Our Grand Old Lady

In a time when Carnegie libraries were popping up across the U.S., a Lexington benefactress, Mrs. Emily Smith Van Dolah, gave the City of Lexington The Smith Library, named in honor of her parents. 

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The following groups continue to serve the Lexington patrons today: 


 Board of Trustees

     Sherrie Patton, Dir.                   

     Chad Francis, Asst. Dir.

     Tara McGraw, Children's Programming

     Mary Stassen, Young Adult Programming

     Lois Daniel, Seniors Programming

     Mary Schreiber, Seniors Programming

     Doris Siron, Librarian

     Peggy Powell, Middle School Program.

     Connor Johnson, Librarian

     Ava Sales, Student Librarian

     Emma Noel, Librarian

     Autumn Botkin, Librarian

     Jasper Milan, Custodian                                            

Lucy Loper, Pres.                      2017-2023

Terri Payne Schreiber, V. Pres.  2017-2023

Jeannie Cox, Treas.                   2021-2027

Charlie Quinn, Sec.                   2021-2023

Susan Jacobs Mc Guire            2021-2023

Teedra Hudson                          2021-2023

Brenda Peden                            2021-2023                         

Board Meeting Dates:

2022- 19 July, 16 Aug., 20 Sept., 18 Oct., 23 Nov.

2023- 17 Jan., 21 Mar., 18 Apr., 16 May, 20 June

[There are no meetings in Feb. and Dec.]

Board Minutes Fiscal 2022 

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