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January 2023

Lexington Public Library

Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting

January 17, 2023

7:00-8:00 PM

Main Floor Reading Area




Call to Order- 7:00pm

Roll Call:          

Present:  Sue, Charlie, Terri, Brenda, Teedra, Lucy

Absent: Jeannie

Correspondence / Recognition Of Visitors - correspondence was circulated

Review /Approval of November Mtg Minutes. Motion to accept by Teedra; second Terri. Minutes approved. 

Review / Approval of Financial Reports.  Motion to accept the financials by Brenda; Sue seconded.Approved. 


Committee Reports:

Budget & Personnel - Terri, Chair.

   Budget - Levy Ord has been filed with the county; verification sheets have been received from the county, signed and filed. 

                 Per Capita Grant is finished—due Jan 30.

   Personnel - 


Planning, Policies, Programs & Technology - Teedra, Chair

  Policy - 

  Programs - Attendance has been increasing for Story Hour. 

                     A high school filled trip to the library took place Jan 12.

                     Preschool/library collaboration is scheduled for Jan 20.

                     Middle school/library collaboration is being scheduled

                     Adult Book Club will resume this month—all books have been checked out

  Planning -  Local Postal Patron library newsletters went out before Jan 1; these cards include activities for Jan-Mar 2023

  Technology - Chad has wired a television to the Children’s Dept computer so sing along videos can be shown in the Story Hour/Activity Room.


Building & Grounds - Lucy, Chair

  Building - Autumn painted above the shelving in the Easy and Juvie Rooms, and touched up the wall in the Children's Dept reception area.

                  New rugs have been purchased for the Easy and Juvie Rooms 

                  Wilmer Office Furnishings have come up and met with Sherrie about a new Circulation Desk/components. They are drawing up a proposal; the desk could be finished and in use by early spring. Discussion.

  Grounds - 



Director Report- Update—patron traffic news circulation is up; the staff is very excited about the new programming that’s taking place.


Unfinished Business

    Action Item: Motion to approve merit raises for a few staffers and a one time bonus for Sherrie, Director, and Denise, Accountant by Terri; second by Sue. Motion approved.


New Business:

  Action Item: Motion to approve Library Board of Trustees Meeting Dates for calendar 2023-1 by Teedra; second Charlie. Approved.

  Action item:  Motion to approve purchase of Circulation Desk ( within approved budget) by Terri; second by Brenda. Motion approved. 



Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Sue; second Teedra. Adjourned at 7:43 pm.


The next monthly meeting of the board will be on March 21, 2023, at 7:00pm, in the Reading Area of the Main Floor of the library.

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