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November 2022

Lexington Public Library

Board of Trustees Truth in Taxation Hearing

November 29, 2022


Main Floor Reading Area 




Call to Order. 6:52pm

Recognition of visitors/ none

Public Comments-none

Review of Truth in Taxation requirements

Review of Certificate

Action item: Ratify compliance with certificate Jeanie moves we are compliant; Teedra second. Motion passed.

Adjourn. Motion to adjourn by Sue; Brenda. 7:00.


Lexington Public Library

Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting

November 29, 2022

7:00-8:00 PM

Main Floor Reading Area




Call to Order- 7:00pm

Roll Call:          

Present:  Sue, Jeannie, Terri, Brenda, Teedra, Lucy

Absent: Charlie

Correspondence / Recognition Of Visitors - none

Review /Approval of October Mtg Minutes.Motion to approve by Brenda; second Terri. Passed.

Review / Approval of Financial Reports.  Motion to approve by Teri; second Jeannie. Passed.


Committee Reports:

Budget & Personnel - Terri, Chair.

   Budget - Levy Ordinance: See New Business Action Item

(a black box notice was published in the paper to provide 14 days notice for the Truth in Taxation hearing) 

   Personnel - Christmas appreciation was tentatively approved via email Nov 23, 2022. Motion by Terri; second by Teedra. Motion was approved by email vote. The motion and vote will be repeated tonight under New Business Action Item.


Planning, Policies, Programs & Technology - Teedra, Chair

  Policy - 

  Programs - The Pop up Concerts that started in August have been well received. These are once a month with the date being determined by the performer. 


November/December newsletter postcard was delivered by the end of October. The next newsletter postcard will go out for Jan/Feb/Mar before January 1, 


  Planning -  

  Technology - Chad will be providing Belinda (Compass Insurance) with the latest tech inventory.


Building & Grounds - Lucy

  Building - Lights have been purchased by the Smith Foundation for installation in the auditorium.

                  The piano is scheduled to be tuned Nov 29th.

  Grounds - Meetings are being held by the Smith Board with Catalyst Construction and Design Mavens over estimates for the upcoming project. 

             Julie (from Devore’s) has delivered the outside seasonal arrangement. 

             Klayton Botkin will be contracted for snow removal this winter. 



Director Report- Data Update


Unfinished Business

    Action Item: Motion to adopt Levy Ordinance 2022-2 Motion to adopt by Terri; second Teedra. 

Ayes: Sue, Jeannie, Terri, Brenda, Teedra, Lucy

Motion passed.

    Action item: Motion to approve Holiday Staff Appreciation bonus.Motion by Terri. Second Teedra.Motion passed. 


New Business:

  Action Item: Motion to accept Jeremy’s Letter of Engagement (to begin the next annual audit) by Teedra; second Sue. Motion passed.

  Action Item: Motion to designate funds for pre-owned piano purchase (approved limit for purchase and moving at $5000-preference has been expressed for a baby grand) at a TBA date. Moved by Jeannie; second by Brenda. Motion passed. 


  Election packets must be completed and turned in to the Library Election Official (Doris) during the week of December 12-19.




   12/6 - last day for TIT hearing

   12/6 - last day to approve Levy Ordinance

   12/12 - First day to file election certificates with local election official

   12/19 -  Last day to file election certificates with local election official

   12/27 -  Last day to file Audit Report and Annual Financial Report with State Comptroller and County Clerk. 

   12/27 - Last day for Secretary to file a certified copy of levy ordinance which incorporates budget and appropriation ordinance with County Clerk.

   12/27 - Last day to file a Certificate of Compliance with Truth in Taxation Act.

   12/31 - Last day for library treasurer to prepare sworn Report of Receipts and Disbursements and file with the County Clerk. (Also last day to publish said reports of necessary.)


Adjournment: Motion by Terri; second Brenda. Adjourned 7:52pm.


The next monthly meeting of the board will be on January 17, 2023, at 7:00pm, in the Reading Area of the Main Floor of the library.

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