November 2021

Lexington Public Library

Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting

(Following a Truth in Taxation Hearing)

November 23, 2021

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Main Floor Reading Area


Truth in Taxation Hearing

Call to Order. 7:00

Recognition of visitors/ Public comments. No visitors/no commentary 

Review of Truth in Taxation requirements

Review of Certificate

Action Item: Ratify compliance with certificate. Motion to ratify compliance by Sue; Jeannie second. Motion passed.

Adjourn. Motion to adjourn by Terri; Brenda seconded. Adjourned at 7:14


Regular Board Meeting

Call to Order- 7:15

Roll Call: Terri, Brenda, Sue, Jeannie, Teedra, Lucy

Absent: Charlie


Correspondence / Recognition Of Visitors - no correspondence or  visitors

Review /Approval of October Mtg Minutes. Motion to approve minutes by Teedra; Jeannie seconded. Minutes approved.

Review / Approval of Financial Reports. Motion to approve financial reports by Terri; Teedra seconded. Financials approved.


Committee Reports:

Budget & Personnel - Terri, Chair.

   Budget -  Levy Ordinance: See New Business Action Item

                                    Commerce cards are no longer in use; transition to Heartland cards is complete


   Personnel - Christmas bonus for staff-action item



Planning, Policies, Programs & Technology - Teedra, Chair

  Policy - up to date at this time

  Programs - Report on Nov/Dec programming -Sherrie

  Planning -  nothing at this time

  Technology - 

                       Chad has updated equipment inventory for Payne Insurance.

                       Wireless computer components added; Xbox screen is in.



Building & Grounds - Lucy, Chair

  Building - Electrical part of the project is pending

                  Giving Tree has been put up

  Grounds - Flower pots have been brought in; Julie F will be doing outdoor seasonal arrangements

                   Klayton Botkin will be doing snow removal this season                  



Staff Report- Circulation, Patron Traffic, Staff Meeting 


Unfinished Business

  Annual insurance review was conducted with Payne Insurance.


 New Business 

  Action Item: Motion to Levy for available library monies Motion to levy by Jeannie; Sue seconded.

Vote:: Terri-yay; Brenda- Yay; Sue- Yay; Jeannie-Yay; Teedra-Yay, Lucy-Yay.

Motion passed.

  Action Item: Motion to adopt Levy Ordinance 2021-3. Jeannie moved to adopt the Levy; Sue seconded.

Vote: Terri-Yay; Brenda-Yay; Sue-Yay; Jeannie-Yay; Teedra-Yay; Lucy-Yay

Motion passed.

  Action Item: Motion to provide Christmas bonus for staff. Motion to approve Christmas bonuses of $30 plus a one time $20 bonus for project help by Terri; Brenda seconded. Vote: Terri-Yay, Brenda-Yay; Sue-Yay; Jeannie-Yay; Teedra -Yay; Lucy-Yay.

Motion passed. 

Terri will assemble the bonus cards and notes and will get to them Sherrie to distribute at the Christmas decorating party.




Legal Calendar Deadlines: 

12/28 - Last day to file Levy Ordinance/Truth in Taxation Certificate with County Clerk and submit Ordinance for publication. Lucy

12/27-Last day to file Audit Report and Annual Financial Report with Comptroller and County Clerk. Jeannie

12/31 - Last day for library treasurer to prepare sworn Report of Receipts and Disbursements and file with County Clerk. Report must be published by Dec 19 Lexingtonian. Jeannie

1/1-Schedule of 2022 Board Meetings must be prepared and made available to the public. Lucy

1/10-Last day for publisher to file publication certification of Receipts and Disbursements with the County Clerk Jeannie

2/1-Last day to prepare and send to County Clerk the list of those required to file a Statement of Economic Interests alphabetically with addresses. Charlie


Adjournmenti: Motion to adjourn by Terri; second by Teedra.

Meeting adjourned 8:16PM.


The next regular board meeting will take place on January 18, 2022, at 7 PM, in the Reading Area on the Main Floor.