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October 2022

Lexington Public Library Board Meeting

Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting 

Tuesday October 18, 2022

7:00-7:55 PM

Main Floor-Reading Room

Regular Monthly Meeting

Call to Order-7:00 PM

Attendees: Lucy, Jeannie, Sue, Brenda Terri, Charlie

Absent: Teedra

Correspondence/Recognition of Visitors-n/a

Review /Approval of September meeting minutes: 

Motion-Brenda, Second Sue

Review/Approval Financial Reports:

Motion-Jeannie,  Second-Terri

Committee Reports

Budget & Personnel- Chair-Terri

Lucy shared an update of projected library operating bills, reviewed with the board.

Discussion was held regarding a black box notification in the Lexingtonian newspaper to provide 14 days notice for the Truth in Taxation hearing and upcoming levy vote. (Notice to appear in the November 17, 2022 edition).



Planning/Policies/Programs & Technology- Chair Teedra

Programs- November/December newsletter postcards will go out this month.


Technology-Chad has installed a new time clock.

Buildings & Grounds- Chair-Lucy

Building-Elevator Installation, estimated Spring start date.

Grounds- Outdoor reading area has been disassembled; pallets will be moved behind the building.

Exterior- Roof repairs have been discussed.

Directors Report-DataUpdate-


Unfinished Business- 

The adopted Budget & Ordinance will be published in the Lexingtonian newspaper.

Election packets are available for pickup; there will be several openings.

Lucy has met with our Insurance Co.for the annual review of library insurance coverage, no adjustment recommended.

All receipts and disbursement were reviewed.


New Business-


Action Items

  1. Motion to adopt the Levy amounts

  2. Motion-Terri, second-Charlie.  Motion approved.


Truth in Taxation meeting notice will be posted in the building and in the newspaper by November17, 2022.

Truth in Taxation meeting will take place prior to the November 29, 2022 Board Meeting (@ 6:45 PM)

Levy Ordinance will be approved during the November Board meeting.


The next board meeting will be held November 29, 2022 at 6:45 PM, for the Truth in Taxation hearing, to be followed at 7:00 PM with the regular monthly board meeting.

 Motion to adjourn-Brenda. Second-Teedra

Meeting adjourned @ 7:55 PM.

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