October 2021

Lexington Public Library

Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2021

7:00-7:30 PM

Main Floor Reading Area


Call to Order- 7:00

Roll Call: 

Present:  Brenda, Jeannie, Teedra, Terri, Sue, Lucy, Charlie


Correspondence / Recognition Of Visitors - none

Review /Approval of September Mtg Minutes. Terri to approve; Sue second. Minutes accepted.

Review / Approval of Financial Reports. Teedra to approve; Brenda seconded. Financials approved.


Committee Reports:

Budget & Personnel - Terri, Chair.

   Budget - A black box notice will be published in The Lexingtonian to provide 14 days notice prior to the hearing and vote on the upcoming levy

                 The renovation extras list will be started once the library has been put back in order (there is still unpacking and organizing to be done)

   Personnel - 


Planning, Policies, Programs & Technology - Teedra, Chair

  Policy - The Policy Committee met Sept 28 and reviewed the remaining sections in the Policy Manual; pending approval the manual is up to date.

  Programs - In house programming is resuming following closure for the library remodeling project.

                    Senior Computer classes are being developed in response to the survey.

  Planning -  

  Technology - Wireless mouses and keyboards are being ordered so there are fewer cords


Building & Grounds - Lucy, Chair

  Building - the building project is mostly complete; Stindes still have wiring, ceiling fans, and light fixtures to install. 

  Grounds - 



Staff Report- Circulation, Patron Traffic


Unfinished Business

   Commerce Bank CD reached maturity Oct 9 and was moved by certified check to the money market account at the Lexington Heartland branch.

   Adopted Budget Ordinance has been published (with certification sent to the County Clerk’s Office).

   Action Item: Motion to modify painting contract approval to include several additional rooms and ceilings (and complete the bill). Jeannie made the motion; Terri seconded. Motion passed.

   Action Item: Motion to adopt policy corrections recommended by the Sept 28 committee meeting. Terri moved; Jeannie seconded. Motion passed. 

   Lucy will be meeting with Belinda prior to the November meeting to review library insurance coverage.

   Action Item: Motion to approve changing the levy deposit from the Commerce Bank account to the Heartland Bank account. Teedra moved; Charlie seconded. Motion passed.




New Business 



Deadlines for November: 


  TIT meeting notice posted October 28. 

  TIT meeting will take place prior to the November Board Meeting.

  Levy Ordinance will be addressed during the November Board Meeting.


Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Sue; seconded by Terri. Meeting adjourned at 7:33 PM.


The next regular board meeting will take place on November 23, at 7 PM, in the Reading Area of the Main Floor. At this time we will conduct a Truth in Taxation hearing, to be followed by adoption of the Levy Ordinance.